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Interconnected systems

The grid-connected systems, also called ongrid systems inject energy-producing conventional electricity grid. On leaving them will be a meter to check the power company energy has been injected into your network. This type of system is regulated by law in Chile 20.571 Net Billing.

Isolated Systems

Isolated systems, also called offGRID, are used to feed consumption in locations where it is not possible to access the mains found this too far or too expensive. These systems are profitable for all consumption type, both domestic and industrial.

Bombeo solar

The direct solar pumping systems are ideal for water supply and irrigation for farming purposes woody crops, Associative Irrigation Program (PRA), land of pleasure, assuming a great savings and convenience over the use of generators.

Special Applications

If a structural solution is required when you can not use the roof, designed the structure with all the security for the customer and the installer ease.




SumSol is a company incorporated in 1.999, professionals with over 15 years of experience in the field of solar energy. It focuses on marketing materials equipment photovoltaic solar energy. Since its inception SumSol had a clear commitment to service and support. This commitment is to offer the best solution to the demands of our customers and ensure the smooth operation of the equipment supplied with the best value, because the most important in any installation that meets user needs and working properly. Request a custom quote for any type of installation required:

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